2023 Scholarship Application


These Scholarships are offered by The Frederick Douglass Republicans of Tarrant County.



1. The Scholarships shall be known as the Tarrant County Frederick Douglass Scholarships.

2. The Scholarships will be awarded on a competitive basis to Scholars currently in high school.  The scholarship committee’s decisions are final.

3. The scholar will be required to enroll as a full-time Scholar in an undergraduate degree program for the full academic year for which the Scholarship is awarded. The scholar will be enrolled for the first time in 2022 at a Tarrant County University, College, or Accredited Trade School.

4. Scholars must be a Texas resident and must be prepared to present a valid social security card.

5. The Scholarship will have a value of $500 and is tenable for one year.

6. The Scholarship may be held in conjunction with other scholarship awards.

7. Eligible candidates must apply for this Scholarship using the attached form.

8. Only scholarship recipients will be formally advised that they have been awarded a Scholarship.

9. Candidates may be interviewed by the scholarship committee.

10. For further inquiries, please contact the FDRS-TC:


Application Form

Applications must be submitted on or before  Friday April 23, 2023


Inquiries can be directed to:   https://frederickdouglassrepublicansoftarrantcounty.org/contact-us

Please ensure that all questions are answered and that all the required attachments accompany this application form. You may jeopardize your chances of success if you do not complete your application properly.


I understand that:

1. If I am offered the Scholarship, and I accept it, I will only be eligible to be formally awarded the Scholarship if I am enrolled in higher education in the year of tenure and I comply with any other specific requirements of the award.

2. The Scholarship Committee may terminate a Scholarship at any time and recoup any funds awarded if it is satisfied that the holder is not following the requirements or is not complying with the conditions governing the Scholarship.



The information requested in the attached application form will be used solely for the purposes of assessing your Scholarship application. Personal information contained in this application will be made available to members of the Scholarship Committee.

Tarrant County Fredrick Douglass Scholarship Committee undertakes to store your application in a secure place in the event that you are awarded a scholarship or  are selected as a reserve candidate for a scholarship. Tarrant County Fredrick Douglass Scholarship Committee undertakes to destroy your application to preserve its confidentiality if you are not awarded a scholarship. Should you have reason to believe that information held about you in either your application or your academic record is incorrect, you have the right of access to and correction of that information if you request permission to amend your application  in writing prior to the application deadline of April 23, 2022.